Self-Publishing for Ebook and Paperback Print on Demand — LB Press

Publishing is in flux right now, which has created a terrific opportunity for us writers. Never before have we had so many options for getting our work in front of readers. More importantly, never before have we had the ability to take so much control of our own careers. With that in mind, we created LB Press as a trusted resource for self-publishers. LB Press is managed and operated by Lucky Bat Books, and you can count on the same nationally recognized professional and custom services with LB Press as you’d receive with Lucky Bat Books

We are not a subsidy press. We take no percentages. Ever.

Are you ready for your book or short story to be an e-book, a paper book, an audio book?

Your Book, Your Press Imprint, Our Expertise

You choose which services you need and we provide what you want.

  • Want to create your own publisher name (“My Wonderful Book” published by MWB Press)? You can have that or you can list LB Press as your publisher — it’s all up to you.
  • Want to skip the virtual world altogether and just have a paper book? You can have it.
  • Want to release your own e-version of a book already published with a traditional Publisher? No problem (so long as you still own those rights or they have reverted back to you).
  • Starting your own publishing company to self-pub and need sound advice and coaching? We do that.
  • Have a backlist of books you want to get back into the hands of your readers in ebook and print? Smart move and we can help.
  • Have another way you want it to work? Let us know.

We are not a one-size-fits-all company because we’re pretty sure you’re not a one-size-fits-all writer. Let’s work together to give you what you want under your terms.

Your Book is Yours. Forever and Always.

And, as with any service or product offered by LB Press and its parent company, Lucky Bat Books, you pay your fees in the beginning and keep every dime your book ever makes. We do NOT take a cut. Your book is truly, and forever, your book.